Calling this one done, bit scrappy in places (my fault) but hope you enjoy anyway
It’s the 1966 Le Mans winner as driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon from the Fujimi 1/24 kit
Paint started off well (Tamiya TS rattle can over Army Painter Matt Black primer) as did decals but I used a Humbrol 35 Gloss Varnish rattle can to seal them in and it went dull even though it was a hot day and I had warmed the can well.
I got back a bit of shine with micromesh and polish but its still dull and there is polish dust in the panel lines still that will get a bit more attention shortly
Attaching the metal vanes by the bonnet and quick release fixings caused me grief, I tried various varnishes and in the end used krystal klear as I didn’t want super glue frosting the paintwork or epoxy trails everywhere