Here is my Airfix Buccaneer built 5 years ago, inspired by the Rowland White book ‘Phoenix Squadron’ (Vulcan 607 is a good read too)
I built it wheels up, it needed lots of filler which in turn meant the panel lines etc got lost during sanding but I don’t think it looks too bad
All was as supplied in the box other than using the Martels (which are on the sprues but not the instructions) which needed some plastic card rails and spares box decals to match pics on the internet.
Base is a piece of a pine shelf kit with a polyfiller sea and balsa trim finished with pine colour varnish. The sea was painted with Lifecolor grey\greens then sealed with ‘canopy fix’ (like Krstal Klear) which was repeated a few times to get a smooth finish after I varnished the first coat of and it all cracked (it would have made a very good dry lake bed effect …)
Plane is suspended on clear acrylic rod (brought on eBay), bent using a hot air gun paint stripper whilst wearing thick gardening gloves (still got hot hands!)
More here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63328-172-airfix-buccaneer/