Think this is done, may try and black out some of areas between the pipework which should be open but here goes for now.
It’s the Round 2 Models re-release of the MPC kit from the 1970s
I know the purists knock it but it looks like an Eagle to me and was fun to do; the Eagle is near the top of my favourite Gerry Anderson ships (more here:https://en.wikipedia…gle_Transporter)
It built up quickly,I left the landing pads, ‘fuel cells’ and engines off for main painting.
White was Humbrol 22 Acrylic rattle can, when dry the decals went on which were a bit brittle but seemed to settle down OK. The ones for the pod windows didn’t sit well so I used a fine permanent marker instead.
Army Painter Matt Varnish rattle can sealed it all down then I picked out panels etc with Vallejo acrylic light grey wash (nice stuff, thinner than Citadel\Games Workshop washes and it flowed like an enamel wash)
Base is a cheap picture frame with plastic card painted to look like pictures from the net of the landing pad. This was painted with red primer rattle can then I airbrushed the black and grey using a hand help cardboard mask with bits cut out of it. Lights are white LEDs bodged together with some wire and resistors from spares box. I’m quite chuffed with the base if you don’t look to hard at the alignment of the patches and lines ….