I have always wanted to build a Pinto after seeing the pics of Mike Dillons aircraft in the copy of Jet Warbirds by Michael O’Leary I have owned for the past 20+ years
I had the Eagles Tallon vac once but sold it unbuilt so was pleased to find out MPM Special Hobby did an injection moulded one, I picked up mine down at LSA Models recently
It goes together quite well but there are no alignment pins on any of the parts so you need to take care during assembly, white is Humbrol acrylic 22 from a rattle can followed by Vajello gloss varnish again from rattle can.
The canopy didn’t seem to fit well so I aligned in best on the port side which left a gap on the right hand side but I’m not showing that as I lifted the decals on the nose while masking the anti glare panel, thought I had covered that area with varnish but obviously not well enough (I have some spare decals on the way to fix)