Calling this one done, just waiting on some etched wipers from USA to replace kit parts. Possibly a bit of touching up needed after seeing these pictures.
One of my favourite road going Ferraris, possibly at top of the list for the day lucky numbers come up.
WIP here on twitter if anyone’s interested: https://twitter.com/search?q=cjhm%20ferrari%20fujimi&src=typd
This is the Fujimi Enthusiast Model range kit from the late 80s and has lots of detail parts; the originals can go for high prices on eBay but my build is for a new boxing from some kind of Manga cartoon but it only cost £15 delivered from Japan.
Parts are well moulded and hold up well to modern standards in my opinion.
I added ignition and battery leads from electronic wrapping wire, otherwise apart from paint detailing it’s pretty much as it came.
Interior is airbrushed in Tamiya desert yellow acrylic with Lifecolor Satin Varnish and permanent marker detail to the seats. Blacks are Tamiya satin and Vallejo model air for interior and chassis.
Body is Tamiya Gloss Red, rubbed down with Micro-Mesh and then rubbed\polished out with Novus plastic polish following the great guide here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956647-matts-tips-for-painting-cars/.
Window surrounds are Bare Metal Foil and permanent marker. I gave up making the lights and bonnet move so the lights are glued shut and the bonnet is loose.
Wheels had chrome stripped with bleach and then airbrushed with Tamiya Gold acrylic.
Number plates are made on inkjet printer using UK number plate font and photo paper.
I was aiming for a nicely used car, I’ve deliberately left off mirrors for a clean 1970s look.
Hope you enjoy