April 2017, calling this one done
It’s the 1/24 Revell 1966 Revell GT350 Shelby Mustang which has appeared in various guises within both Revell and Monogram boxes over the years as regular and Shelby versions
I drilled out the distributor and cylinder heads to add thin wire ignition leads with a small piece of plastic rod as a coil
Engine block is Tamiya X14 Blue, Chassis and Interior X18 Black, Body is X13 Metallic Blue – All applied by Airbrush
Painted body was clear coated with Tamiya X22 which was polished with a Novus set once dry
Chrome is Bare Metal Foil for window frames and door handles; badges, scripts and other details all hand painted
Work in progress pictures here: https://twitter.com/search?q=Revell%20Mustang%20CJHM