July 2018
Finished this build of Group C racer, the only Jaguar XJR-8 that finished Le Mans 1987 (5th place). Drivers were Eddie Cheever, Raul Boesel and Jan Lammers.
Kit is a recent re-release of 1980s ‘curbside’ kit which still includes correct Silk Cut markings on a separate decal sheet. Built ‘from the box’, Tamiya TS rattle cans were used for main white body paint and black chassis.
Decals were brittle\cracking when dry so lot of touch up was needed (Vallejo ‘Hexed Lichen’ for purple, Citadel yellow for stripes) before Tamiya TS gloss varnish sealed everything. Despite lots of softner\setter there are bits that still stand proud so looks a bit scruffy on close inspection.
Black surrounds to glasswork were hand painted inside using the moulded detail as a guide, inside edges of headlamp covers were brushed with Tamiya acrylic dark green. Aerial on roof is a piece of stretched sprue.
Base is from Coastal Kits
If I did another one I would consider masking\spraying the purple and trim decals to match (or go for aftermarket set).
Hope you enjoy, will do an XJR-9 (1988 Le Mans winner) as well soon
Work in progress pictures here: https://twitter.com/search?q=cjhm%20hasegawa%20jaguar