February\March 2018

Built for Twitter Cold War Group Build #ColdWarFebGB – https://twitter.com/search?q=%23coldwarfebgb

I used 2 Revell F-89 kits; first one had damp damaged decals, mis-moulded canopy and missing rocket pod half so had to purchase another to complete the build

Silver and Red are Vallejo model air, Gloss varnish (before and after decals) from MIG

Work in progress pictures here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23coldwarfebgb%20cjhm%20f89scorpion

Not my best effort but hope you enjoy


March 2017 – Finished this quick build of the recent new tool version of the Red Arrows Gnat

I built the original crude Airfix version back in the 1970s a few times as a kid;modern kit is nicely done but fiddly around the intakes and panel lines are a little deep

Paint is Tamiya Gloss Red acrylic airbrushed on then sealed with Tamiya Gloss after the decals had been applied

Stand is a coffee lid with a piece of acrylic rod (bent over a candle) hot glued in a hole drilled in the top. Some coins were hot glued inside to add weight to the stand.

Bit scrappy in places but had fun building it

Work in progress pictures here: https://twitter.com/search?q=Airfix%20Gnat%20CJHM


This is the Airfix 1/72 F6 kit from a few years back, I built the F2A when it first came out (http://blog.cjhm.net/172-airfix-lightning-f2a) and have now got around to this version as well.

I don’t remember having problems with the earlier kit but this one fought me all the way; fit around the nose in particular was very poor; you can see pictures of my troubles on the WIP link here: https://twitter.com/search?q=cjhm%20airfix%20lightning

I used the kit markings for XR728 which is preserved at Bruntingthorpe (http://www.lightnings.org.uk/). Dark\Medium Sea Grey are Tamiya with Lifecolor Barley Grey, all airbushed using my Iwata Neo. I glossed with Tamiya X22 before the decals then finished with MiG satin varnish which is very thin and pooled in places on the wings so could have turned out better.

Details are painted with Lifecolor, Citadel and Vallejo, the nose surround is bare metal foil.


Just finished this one, its an original Pioneer 2 Sea Fury (late 80s release I think) that a kind chap on Britmodeller (trickydicky210) donated. Decals are from an Airfix version that came with it as the original kit ones were pretty curly.

Other than replacing the undercarriage doors with thin plastic versions it is ‘from the box’

Lifecolor Sky and Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey (I know it’s meant to be EDSG) applied by airbrush, Tamiya Gloss Acrylic then decals and MiG satin varnish to finish.

Thanks trickydicky210

Hope you enjoy